Who We Are:

Secure Erase protects businesses and individuals from HIPPA and FACTA with proper end-of-life sanitization and or destruction. We are one out of three in the nation who can set a hard drive back to the manufacturers settings and simplify complex security issues with our advanced inventory control program.

Our Services:

Inventory Control – Secure Erase provides an entire solution for secure shipping, removal, retirement and certified data sanitization or destruction of hard drives.

Sanitization – Secure Erase designed a program to track IT equipment allowing compliance with the FTCA ruling.

Our Purpose:

Secure Erase is a proud sponsor of Computers for Kids, Inc. (CFK), a non-profit organization that refurbishes and licenses fully-equipped computer systems to students from pre-school to the second year of college. CFK’s intent is to equalize the educational opportunities of school children from all economic backgrounds by providing these children with home computers. Through the generous donations of computers from individuals and businesses, thousands of children, who formally had limited access to computers can now learn and contribute in the technological world of today.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.