Computers for Kids, Inc. (CFK) is a non-profit organization that refurbishes and licenses fully-equipped computer systems to students from pre-school to the second year of college. CFK's intent is to equalize the educational opportunities of school children from all economic backgrounds by providing these children with home computers. Through the generous donations of computers for individuals and businesses, thousands of children who formerly had limited access to computers can now learn and contribute in the technological world of today.

CFK's refurbished computer donations expose students to technology, help them improve academically, and give them a feeling of empowerment and accomplishment. CFK offers students an exciting opportunity to gain the necessary high-tech skills needed to join the workforce as adults and navigate in a complex world.

Any child enrolled in school may be eligible to receive a refurbished computer. To establish eligibility, each child must provide a written essay explaining why he or she needs a computer to get the most from his or her education. Students pay a nominal $65.00 processing fee and receive one year of tech support. Students may apply every year for a newer and faster refurbished computer. Refurbished laptops are donated to students with disabilities or medical issues.

Each refurbished computer is equipped with an iCore Series with Windows 10, Office 2010 Home & Business, 4 GB RAM, CD/DVD player, and 1-year warrenty. Internet Ready. It also includes a 17-inch or larger color monitor, keyboard, mouse and a mouse pad, as well as two age-appropriate educational software programs.

Companies wishing to support their communities can join the CFK program through Secure Erase (SE). Businesses that have hired SE to sanitize their hard drives are able to donate their computers after sanitization.

Your business can team up with CFK for a community event in your area, which will offter even more students the chance to enhance their education through the use of technology at home. Participation offers many benefits to your company and exciting opportunites to help students bridge the digital divide in your community.

CFK's marketing department will promote your company through public service announcements in association with community event TV and radio advertising. Your company will receive full sponsorship credit and name recognition.

  • Encourage your employees with school-age children to apply for a computer and distribute applications to local schools in your area.
  • Employees, their families and community members will volunteer to help distribute computers for the one day community event. Your company may want to donate space to hold the distribution event for further name recognition. For example, CFK works in several cities with the Idaho National Guard, who donates their armory for distribution.
  • To help make the community event a success, you will need to assist CFK with travel expenses (about $3,000.00).

What CFK will do for your community and business:

  • Refurbish 600 to 1,000 computers for distribution in your community to students K-14
  • Organize your community event and schedule public service announcements and advertising
  • Design, distribute and release all public relations materials on your behalf
  • Transport the refurbished computers to your community

CFK will make this event a very exciting and rewarding one for your company and employees!