Incoming Items


When an item comes in, we first log the serial number, then asset, manufacturer, model, processor, memory, hard drive, and any important notes. We feel it's important for companies to leave the asset tag on, if the hard drive is missing you can track it back to the department and sometimes the employee.

  Serial Number Asset Manufacturer Model Processor Memory Notes Hard Drive SN(s)
1 3422392-0001   MPC D845GRG P4 1G   3HT5XKC7
2 3214002-0001 250827-018 MPC ClientPro P4 768M   5FG3EJHN
3 3399481-0001   MPC D845GRG P4 640M No Hard Drive None
4 5ZX0281   Dell Precision 670 P4 2G   S08EJ20Y738447

Certificate of Sanitization / Destruction

After we have logged in the system, we log the hard drive by serial number, then manufacturer, model, and size. We then load the hard drives into our "Secure Erase" machines, where they are either erased or destroyed.

Every Certification comes with a $5 Million Insurance Policy

Hard Drives
Item Serial Number Manufacturer Model Size Disposition
1 3HT5XKC7 Seagate ST320011A 250GB Sanitized
2 5FG3EJHN Seagate ST320410A 20GB Sanitized
3 S08EJ20Y738447 Samsung SAMSUNG HD080HJ 80GB Destroyed
4 S08EJ20Y738451 Samsung SAMSUNG HD080HJ 80GB Sanitized


At the end of the report, our system gives an overall summary.

Items Count
Computers - Build 16
Computers - Recycle 4
Harddrives - Sanitized 20
Harddrives - Shredded 1